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THE STAFF at KidsThrive are a group of passionate, dedicated and experienced therapists.

We approach children with respect and understanding while encouraging them to stretch outside of their comfort zones in our safe and supportive environment. We are also a teaching facility and have students from Columbia and NYU regularly for their fieldwork experience.  


 Services Available: 


The evaluation is typically 1 hour with a follow up parent consult to discuss our initial impressions, discuss goals, formulate a treatment plan for your child and answer any questions.

We will communicate (with your permission) with your child’s other therapists and/or teachers if necessary to get the best picture of your child.  If a school observation is helpful, then we will arrange that.

We use a combination of clinical observation, parent reports, and standardized tests chosen specifically for your child to assess the following areas:


✱ Fine Motor

✱ Neuromuscular

✱ Sensory Processing

✱ pre-Writing or Handwriting

✱ Visual perceptual and visual motor

✱ Self care skills

Fine Motor Skills

and Handwriting

Does your child hate writing? Does it seem like they were never actually taught how to write?


Maybe they seem to get exhausted by the very idea of it.


Not only can we help with handwriting, we can help with those other daily fine-motor chores like tying shoes, getting dressed and zipping up backpacks!

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Gross Motor Skills

Does it seem like your child is always a step behind? 


Are they clumsy or tripping frequently?


We develop skills while instilling confidence to be stronger, happier and safer.

Sensory Processing Disorders

Is it impossible to get out of the house because your child will not get dressed because the only pair of underwear that feel right are in the wash? 


Do the teachers report that they are having difficulties paying attention in the group, but they are fine at home? Does your child tantrum frequently? Do you dread going to restaurants because your child cannot stand the smells? Do they answer you when you call their name?

Sensory sensitivity, sensory seeking, sensory avoidance or just sensory unpredictability! It can be overwhelming for a parent. It is overwhelming for a kid. It's important to understand and learn how to adapt to your child's sensory profile. It's also important for children to learn to adapt to the world around them. This doesn't happen all at once, but gradually with guided sensory-based activities selected specifically for your child's unique sensory needs.

DURING THE SENSORY-BASED OT SESSION, therapist and child interact in our specialized sensory gym, furnished with toys, ropes, swings, and other equipment used to foster appropriate responses to sensation, in a safe, active and meaningful way.


Although therapy sessions appear to be playtime, they are subtly structured so that your child is challenged but always successful in completing each activity. Children learn and adapt when they are having fun!


The emphasis of these sessions is on developing appropriate responses to sensation and making them automatic, so that daily activities can be successfully performed. By identifying the underlying problems within specific sensory systems and motor pathways, we are then able to customize a curriculum that helps your child develop appropriate sensory processing to successfully meet everyday challenges.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment

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