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KIDSTHRIVE proudly offers Occupational Therapy in an intimate, individualized, and private setting for movement, fine motor, and sensory integrative experiences.

KIDSTHRIVE now offer consulting OT services to select private schools in NYC. Our goal is to provide specialized support for teachers in order to identify and map out strategies for children with unique learning challenges.


This number of children identified as needing specialized services is continually rising and one in every ten children has been identified as having of sensory processing disorder. As a pediatric OT with over thirty years of experience personally treating hundreds of children, I see significant deficiencies in many children's fine motor skills, attention abilities, and modulation/regulation capacities, whether they have been formally diagnosed or not. These challenges manifest themselves not only in typical behaviors such as not wanting to play with messy things or covering ears for loud noises … but also in delayed development of socially appropriate behaviors and fine and gross motor development.

KIDSTHRIVE can offer support for teachers to help identify which students need individualized services and/ or certain therapeutically driven activities in the classroom to promote their experiences, either individually or in a group setting.


I have successfully implemented this approach for the past ten years at Grace Church as well as other preschools and ongoing schools in NYC. Time commitments for the program can be tailored to meet your school’s changing needs, and will vary depending on the challenges and issues of the students and staff.

Services We Will Customize for Your Individual School and Staff:

Offer teacher consultation and support for classroom suggestions on specific students with sensory processing challenges. This can include both assisting in identifying students who need to be evaluated by an outside therapist and recommendations of strategies or adaptations that can be implemented in the classroom.

Offer in classroom instruction and /or support on handwriting from the preschool level (prewriting) through kindergarten and first (print) to third/fourth grade (cursive).


Please see for more information.

Provide regular faculty meetings on Occupational Therapy and Sensory Processing Challenges within the classroom setting. Provide regular parent education meeting on how parents can best bolster their child's foundation for learning.

Offer recommendations for appropriate therapeutic supplies/learning tools to facilitate fine motor control, sensory regulation, attention and perceptual skills.

Email us if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment

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