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VIRTUAL SESSIONS provide the opportunity for continued treatment while maintaining the continuity of care. We are finding great value in this opportunity to better connect with the children and their families. Virtual therapy allows us to be in your home and gives us a first-hand look at your child’s sensory lifestyle and workspace. We have found that the ability to have parents involved in their child's sessions has improved the follow through with home programs and developing sensory diets.

Children can benefit from teletherapy activities to build and strengthen skills related to sensory regulation, behavior management, handwriting, perception, executive functioning, self-care, and effective communication.

Mother and Daughter Using Laptop

With the current Covid situation – we can easily switch our in-person sessions to remote without difficulty.  This is also great when families are away for holiday and want to continue with the regularity of treatment during those times.

Email us if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment

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